A Word About Price...

Most catamarans available for charter in Phuket are 38 to 45 feet in length.  Typical models include the Lagoon 40, 42 and 450.  Currently, Blue Moon is the only Lagoon 52F available for overnight charter in Phuket and there are a small number of larger models such as the Lagoon 560 and 620.

While any of these models might have enough cabins to accommodate your group, the overall experience is VERY different.  For example, a Lagoon 40 is only HALF the size of a Lagoon 52F (it's also half the weight, has half the sail area, half the fresh water capacity and less than half the fuel capacity).  Less space translates into smaller beds and cabins, fewer areas to relax, more crowding during meals and less storage space for onboard amenities, provisions, etc.  Also, in general, larger, more expensive models are designed to a higher standard with better finishes and quality overall.  Age is also a big factor - a 2018 model like Blue Moon will have a more modern design, newer technology and better amenities than a model even a few years older.

For all these reasons, it costs more to charter Blue Moon but we think the difference is worth it if your goal is to have a luxury experience.  With that in mind, please see our standard rates below.

Weekly rates include captain, hostess and taxes. Weekly rates exclude food, drinks, gratuities and fuel. Contact your charter agent for more details. rATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.
Typically guests provide an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) equal to 25% of the charter cost from which actual costs for fuel, food and drinks are deducted.